Successful property investment is all about timing....

UK interest rates remain at historic lows. The Banks have largely resolved their legacy issues and debt is becoming increasingly available at sensible margins and LTV ratios. The market is equity led with the weight of money coming from the institutions, local authorities (using PWLB), sovereign wealth funds and private equity.

These sources are now moving out from London as yields in the capital have fallen across all sectors. Value is now available in provincial markets as the economy continues its recovery – somehow despite Brexit!

The whole environment is made for swift entrepreneurial property experts like Astranta. Using our experience and exceptional contact base we connect stakeholders and investors across the entire UK property market.

We have over 20 live projects – across the UK. Most of our projects are confidential – we are used to FTSE rules – and many seek to link 100% development finance, at historically low costs, to major city regeneration or infrastructure projects. The value of our projects range from £4m to £1.4bn. We have JV partnerships ranging across the sectors. For our direct invest LLP vehicles we are FCA regulated.

We have the capacity to do more. If you are a local authority or a statutory body struggling to access finance for your new school, hospital, energy centre or town centre regeneration project and need an entrepreneurial team to help achieve your vision, please get in touch.

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